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My favorite part of episode 12!!! I’m glad they kept this scene!!


but you ask yourself

where is my mind



a list of things which absolutely disgust me about kuroo tetsurou:

  • he’s in class 5 so assuming all the hq schools use the same system he’s in a college prep class
  • wears his school uniform properly image
  • is self-conscious about his terrible hair
  • worries about his shut-in best friend
  • worries about people who aren’t even on his team
  • gives useful advice to his opponents image
  • is mature and responsible but also likes fooling around with guys his own age and doesn’t take himself too seriously image
  • just tHIS image

and if you dont mind me adding

  • wants to make his old coach happy before he retires


me too thanks

me too thanks:

  1. me too thanks
  2. me too thanks
  3. me too thanks…..me too thanks

me too thanks?

(me too thanks)



its back

take my word friend it never left


reasons i love rui:

- rui is possibly the single most idealistic, caring, and absurdly unselfish character on the show after hajime, to the point where upon receiving incredible powers from an evil space alien, rui decided to use them to work towards a sort of transhumanist anarchist utopia using exclusively peaceful, non-violent means (SOCIAL MEDIA)

- rui sticks to those ideals (rui gets pretty depressed and neurotic and Not OK but never becomes corrupt) and the only real reasons the aforementioned plan doesn’t quite work are that a.) not everyone is as good and nice and gentle a person as rui (and rui doesn’t seem to totally understand this at first, then has kind of a breakdown when it finally sinks in); b.) rui underestimated the extent of the evil space alien’s powers and its capacity for backstabbing and deceit

- the outfits. the rabbit ears. the thigh belts. the fact that rui dresses up like it’s halloween to talk to a computer and eat jellybeans in their big fancy apartment. even rui’s boy clothes are adorable, actually.

- the fact that rui’s best and, at first, probably only friend is a slightly dimwitted AI that obviously has a giant crush on rui

- rui talks in earnest about feeling a really deep and profound joy in existence that serves as an inspiration to make the world a better place and feeling happy! and having fun! and believing in people! while looking and sounding pretty damn sad and stressed out and harboring some major angst that BAD THINGS HAPPEN and RUI CAN’T STOP THEM ALL THE TIME and SOMETIMES PEOPLE SAY YOU CAN TRUST THEM, BUT IT TURNS OUT THEY’RE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH : (

- apparently, rui thought it would be a good idea to make the phantom…digital…hologram…soul projection…avatars of a band of anonymous do-gooders look like terrifying eldritch abomination no-face-esque glow in the dark frog monsters. i don’t think the show makes it clear whether they just came out looking like that, or whether that was some kind of conscious programming decision on rui’s part. but i prefer to imagine the latter, because it seems in-character and it would be really funny. rui. rui please.

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"I mean, the reason I even came to this school is because I saw his acting." - Kashima Yuu