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please watch this video it’s 28 seconds long

Klk is so much garbage but also, I love it and am never not going to be emotional about Ryuuko Satsuki and Senketsu

"劇伴特化型 1☆極★服"
by Hiroyuki Sawano
from the album "Kill la Kill OST vol. 2"
with 124,283 plays




chorus version of before my body is dry.

listening to this i was like “oh nice it’s like a neat instrumental reprise of dont lose your way” and then that chorus dropped and i was instantly erect.

This is the version we all wanted when we bought the first soundtrack.


I’m calling this crap out. How is this a fair standard to hold people to? Counselors are licensed professionals who spend years studying psychology, not kids online trying to maintain positive attitudes, often against REALLY difficult circumstances. How are sad teens supposed to know how to approach this kind of thing?

Maybe this is just a joke but it’s tiring watching grown-ass adults complain about kids trying to look out for each other. Cringe all you want but grow up about it and keep your petty grouchiness to yourselves

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eyes sparkling, hearts racing


"I want Xion back! I want my life back!"



a baguette in the butt would be a pain in the ass

i’m unlearning french